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Top 10 Winter Sports In the World

Top Winter Sports

Winter is the time of year, when you can enjoy outside games and sports. The advantage of winter sports is you can play games, exert force without even getting sweated.  In different countries weather varies and winter conditions also vary there. There are many countries with soothing closeness or a nip in the air. While, at many countries winter is all about snow. And this may vary with ice and snow, such countries have freezing temperatures sometime.

There are some special types of sports that can only be played in winters, because we need cold and dry atmosphere for them. Even people having winter season in their country are waiting for this season to play their favorite games. Such games are helpful in maintaining body temperature and health. There is a whole long list of sports played in winter; here we have discussed top 10 sports played in the winter.

1. Snowboarding

Winter Sports In the WorldSince 1998 snowboarding is one of the major gaming activities. It has been frequently played in winters where snow falls. One of its kinds Alpine snowboarding is really famous and most played too. Total 42 medals including 14 gold, 14 bronze and 14 silver medals are given since from 1998 to 2006. The players use longer boards, hard shoes and helmet to protect themselves.

2. Alpine Skiing

Winter Sports In the WorldAlpine skiing is rated as second most played and liked sports in winters. In this game the players slide down over the snow covered hills on skis. Usually they practice this game on fix heel bindings. The alpine equipment is provided to the players helicopters or by using snow cats. There are world level competitions organized by different countries. And professional, elite and competitive players come to play there. The events happening on world level are FIS Alpine world ski championship, the world cup and winter Olympics. Olympics specially wait for winter to come for these sports. On an average, it is recorded that out of 1000 skiers only two or four may require medical attention per day.

3. Ice Hockey

Winter Sports In the WorldIce hockey skating is different from the common hockey because it’s played on ice by the team of ice skaters by using sticks to shoot the hard ice ball. But commonly people call it hockey as well. This game has won the title of fastest game on earth, because of its fast moves and for being a fast-paced physical sport. This sports is the major part of winter games of Canada and northern parts of U.S.A. According to a recent statistics, federations of ice hockey are reported to be in 73 countries of the world.

4. Figure Skating

Winter Sports In the WorldFigure skating is the one sports that has biggest range of varieties in winter games. It has different categories according to dance moves and the number of people taking part in it. It is also called the oldest and foremost sports of Winter Olympics. It has four categories according the people participating; single men, single ladies, pairs and ice dancing. There are five major events including the winter Olympics, the world championship, the world junior championship, the European championship, the four country championship and the Grand prix series.

5. Ski Jumping

Winter Sports In the WorldSki jumping is the sports in which player jumps up and flies as far as possible. The place of taking off is called in run. The player is awarded points according to the distance covered by the jump. Typically wide and long skis are used in it to cover up the whole body of player. They are of approximately 260 to 275 cm by length. It was introduced in Olympics in 1924. It is also practiced in summers by creating artificial surfaces. It’s believed that this sports was first originated in Norway.

6. Bobsled

Winter Sports In the WorldThis game is very exciting and challenging, because it’s played against gravity. It also requires team work and management. In this sports team of two or four members is created and they make timed runs. The first Bobsleigh tracks were built in St. Mortiz and Switzerland. National Bobsled competitions are governed by US Bobsled, skeleton federation and Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton.

7. Slopestyle

Winter Sports In the WorldSlopestyle winter game includes many activities. There are three main things to win this game are Amplitude, Originality and Quality of tricks of a player. It is a kind of combination of some other winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and athletes. It has a lot of categories but four of them are dominant and most liked i.e. snips, grinds, grabs and flips. People also name it as freestyle snowboarding. It was first introduced in 2014.

8. Curling

Winter Sports In the WorldCurling is a sport that requires the player to slide stones on a sheet of ice towards the target area. It is related to bowls, boules and shuffleboard. To win the game, good strategy and team work are the major things to be managed. The oldest and considerably first written record of this sport is of 1541.

9. Nordic combined

Winter Sports In the WorldNordic combined is the combination of Skiing and ski jumping. The first major event of these sports was organized in 1892. This game was dominated by Norwegians and Finns also had good trip over this. The first victory of Norwegians was broken by a German in 1960. Main organizers of this sport are Winter Olympics and FIS Nordic combined world cup.

10. Skeleton

Winter Sports In the WorldUnder the category of sliding sport, Skeleton comes at first. Because it is the fastest winter sliding sport. Approximately riders bear 5g weight and slides 130 km per kilometer. People named it skeleton because of the bony appearance of players while playing. Formally it was added in Olympic program in 2002. It is necessary to stay concentrated and not to see around while you are sliding to win the game. It’s all about how good you concentrate over your destination. This sport is the part of 5 major sports of Olympics.


Winter is not about having vacations and staying in door. You can enjoy the essence of this season by playing winter games in it. It will help you to stay active and sharp even in the lazy winter. Winter Olympics has played a vital role by supporting winter sports.